Professional singing
Professional Singing

All about Lizzie

Lizzie is currently a professional singing and drama teacher, vocal coach and voice over artist, who is incredibly excited about joining forces with the wonderfully talented Stephanie to perform as The Paper Songbirds.

Having spent 18 years of her working life in the Audio Visual Industry, both on the technical side of the business, and the clerical side, Lizzie has had a fairly diverse career and worked on many different and interesting projects. Installations included meeting room systems, audio & video conferencing, sound reinforcement and video presentation systems, within many unusual locations, including The Houses of Parliament, The Emirates Stadium, New Scotland Yard, Canary Wharf, The Imperial War Museum, and many churches/meeting rooms/show rooms etc.
Throughout her working life, she has also studied and taught Drama and Singing at a local stage school, where she has become an associate of LAMDA; coaching students for their acting, verse and prose and musical theatre examinations, as well as producing and directing school productions.

Within this time, Lizzie also got involved with a local youth theatre group, where she met, and directed Stephanie in their first collaboration together! This brought Lizzie to her other passion – Directing. She has directed around 10 full-scale productions for several societies, including three that have been taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (The Duchess of Malfi, The Way of the World and All’s Well That Ends Well). As well as straight plays (Pride & Prejudice, The Taming of The Shrew, Sense & Sensibility) she has also, understandably, mixed her passion for music to include some classic and interestingly diverse musicals (Grease, Into The Woods, Spring Awakening) all to critical and financial success!

Something that has aided her abilities as a director is an extensive knowledge of the technical side of theatre and music. Having a solid understanding in the design and operation of lighting and sound that contributes to a production, it was a natural progression to incorporate this experience with set design. Lizzie has been lucky enough to work with and learn from a number of great directors and production designers, most recently through a youth-project collaboration with the National Theatre. From creating a two storey house onstage, a beach in a studio theatre, to a minimalist conceptual circuit design, and a locked cell within a room, Lizzie has been recognised for her innovative and ‘out of the box’ approach. Receiving numerous theatrical awards and nominations, she is an incredibly sought after member of any production team.

Despite being so busy behind the scenes, Lizzie has never been able to stay away from the stage herself for too long. Starting at a young age, it was always a driving force behind much of her life. Acting and singing have been a main constant, and the pull of an appreciative audience is somehow addictive! After being asked many times to sing at friends weddings, birthdays, and some funerals, it seemed like the obvious choice that, as the next phase of her working life pans out, her work life and ‘hobbies’ be combined.

It is so important to be passionate about any ‘job’ you are doing, so being able to do the thing you love, seems like some kind of karmic destiny.